Paxil weight gain

It is the experience of many Paxil users that Paxil and weight gain go hand in hand. Some people, who gain weight when they are on Paxil, try to switch over to some other medicine as effective as Paxil in treating their depression and anxiety. Some doctors advise doing exercises regularly, simultaneously tapering Paxil to get rid of the weight gained by taking Paxil. There is also a strong opinion among the physicians that tapering Paxil can cause side effects and that stopping it altogether can cause withdrawal syndrome. However, weight gain caused by Paxil is not ruled out.

For decades, it is a well known fact that Paxil or any other antidepressant causes weight gain in many users. However, it seems that many of the doctors who prescribe this drug are not much conscious about it, or aware of it. Ignoring this side effect also can one of the reasons to prescribe this drug. The medical representatives visiting the doctors should inform them of the side effects of Paxil, including weight gain. These representatives of the drugs are the main source of information for the doctors on the effects of their drugs. Especially, Paxil being one of the popular drugs for treating depression and anxiety, the professionals representing this drug should feel it their responsibility to provide exhaustive information on the side effects of this drug to the doctors they visit.

Now let us look into the chemistry of Paxil to understand as to how it contributes to weight gain in the user's body. Like any other drug of its class, Paxil can hinder the production of certain enzymes in the liver, which are responsible for correct functioning of the metabolism in the body. Paxil, like any other Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), obstruct certain pathways of neuroendocrine system. Insulin and leptin are the two main hormones which regulate metabolism. The functions of insulin mostly takes place within the cells, whereas, leptin operates between cells. Through two different pathways, regulation of blood sugar is carried out by leptin. Fat storage and appetite are controlled by leptin through one pathway and management of stored glucose with the help of liver is taken care of by leptin through the other pathway. Leptin is a hormone derived from fat cell. This can contribute to weight gain, whether Paxil is taken or not. Leptin, which functions as a chemical messenger, informs the brain of the status of fat accumulation, besides its other works. Leptin signals the brain that the food taken by you is sufficient. Leptin also increases the energy level in the body. Therefore, when its functions are hampered, you feel eating without caution. This probably is one of the main reasons for you to eat more and gain weight. Briefly, when the level of leptin changes it affects weight gain.

As taking Paxil slows down the production of leptin, you can take omega-3 together with vitamin E for compensation. Omega-3 which is an essential fatty acid, plays the part of a raw material in the production of leptin. If we give the body that it needs for producing leptin, we can achieve good results. This has also been proved with some Paxil users. However, it is not that your responsibilities are over once natural supplements are given to the body for countering the ill effects of Paxil. You have something more to do, to bring down your weight. You have to do exercises on regular basis. The exercises also help in reducing the severity of depression and even anxiety. When your mind is not burdened with these disorders, you become less dependent on Paxil. Tapering Paxil at this stage may be possible for you and also withdrawing it without much pain. The last word is that, only after consulting your doctor you should start any new medicine, including natural supplements, if you are already on Paxil.