Paxil and alcohol

Paxil or paroxetine and alcohol act on similar chemicals of the brain and this is the main reason why doctors advise the users of Paxil not to combine it with alcohol. If at all it becomes inevitable, only moderate amounts of alcohol should be taken while on Paxil. Most of the times, people are advised to avoid alcohol when they take Paxil. The main concern is that Paxil increases the effects of alcohol. Whether it is depression or it is the affected motor skills, taking alcohol together with Paxil certainly increases the ill effects. Healthcare providers generally recommend light to moderate amounts of alcohol if people choose to drink, while they take Paxil. They also advise that people consuming alcohol should thoroughly understand the effects that Paxil will have on their body. If these people are on other medicines in addition to Paxil, extra care has to be taken by them when they combine alcohol with Paxil.

Moderation in drinking means limiting the alcohol consumption to certain amounts. This depends on the liquor and the medical condition of the person consuming it along with Paxil. Healthcare providers have specified the amounts of alcohol and at the same time, have recommended that women should limit it to one drink a day and men two times a day. The alcohol varies with respect to the drinks and hence, the counts also vary. As per the healthcare providers, the moderate amount for beer is 12 ounces. For wine the moderate amount is 5 ounces. For 80-proof whiskey it is 1 " ounces and for 100-proof spirits the moderate amount is 1 ounce.

If you decide to drink moderate amounts of alcohol while taking Paxil, you should not take alcohol the same time when you take Paxil. You should also have yourself educated on the effects of Paxil on your body, before you start drinking alcohol. This is essential because, Paxil can affect your ability of performing certain functions. It is therefore a must that you avoid riding or driving or operating machinery. It is also imperative that you should talk to your physician and discuss on combining Paxil with alcohol, even if you are thorough on the effects of Paxil on your body. The reason for this is that your doctor can understand your condition better than you. You should assess your current health condition jointly with your doctor, so that you both can make a shared decision on using alcohol with Paxil or vice-versa.

People combining Paxil and alcohol may not find any studies giving information on the effects of combining both, but there are stories of people experiencing an urge to consume alcohol when they take Paxil. These people are also tempted much to use this drug on seeing pompous advertisements promising them that it will have no ill effect on their health. However, it is true that combining Paxil and alcohol can intensify everything and there is no official word that encourages combining Paxil and alcohol. The urge for taking alcohol together with Paxil is so powerful that these users seldom listen to the advices propagated for their well being.

The extent of risk involved in taking Paxil with alcohol varies with persons, because, some are alcoholics and some are sportive drinkers. Some people drink for suppressing their anxiety and some for numbing the pain. However, it is sure that alcohol can cause quick impairment of brain when taken with Paxil. The hangover caused by consuming these two simultaneously will be worse. Also, this practice causes a craving for alcohol. It also causes anger and anxiety. It is also important to know that this combination will lead you to very painful experiences.