Paxil alternatives

Many alternatives are readily available for Paxil. Manufacturers of these alternative drugs also claim that they do not cause potential harm or side effects and even withdrawal effects which are experienced with Paxil. People having depression or anxiety are treated with Paxil. People who are on search of alternatives to Paxil are either getting treating with Paxil or they are at the threshold of taking it. The people taking Paxil for depression are about 40% and those who take Paxil for anxiety are about 48% in the population of Paxil users.

Paxil is considered to be an effective antidepressant, but causes side effects when used and causes worse symptoms when withdrawn. This necessitates the user to continue with the drug, which leads to further disastrous conditions. This means, when you know that Paxil is going to help out your condition, the same time you want to be away from it, fearing of the withdrawal problems. This is the juncture where you decide to go for an alternative to Paxil. Some people taking Paxil have painful side effects and they also feel Paxil is not effective for them. These people also search for an alternative to Paxil. Therefore, a user and a nonuser as well, desire to substitute Paxil with some other medicine in their treatment.

One important fact is that the alternatives for Paxil are not only the other medicines but also adopting certain practices. The alternatives to Paxil for depression differ from those for anxiety. As alternatives to Paxil for combating depression, seven essential actions from your side are inevitable. They are - 1) to reduce cigarette smoking, to avoid alcohol abuse, to reduce sugar consumption, to regulate protein consumption to an optimum level, 2) to do exercises regularly, 3) to get rid of pessimistic thoughts 4) taking nutritional supplements, 5) replacing Paxil with a natural antidepressant 6) treating low thyroid function and 7) practicing meditation and relaxation.

Let us get into the details of the above actions. Smoking, alcohol abuse, high sugar consumption and over consumption of protein bring down the serotonin level in the brain, by affecting the process of tryptophan to serotonin conversion. Regular exercises are effective in eliminating depression. An optimistic mindset helps in overcoming depression. Nutritional supplements eradicate the deficiency in depressed persons. For proper functioning of the brain, nutrients such as folic acid, fatty acids, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and omega-3 are very essential. Natural antidepressants including 5-Hydroxytryptophan or a botanical like St. John's Wort can relieve you of depression. However, if you are on Paxil, consult your doctor before starting these medicines. Next is hypothyroidism, which is always associated with depression. This can be rectified by dong regular exercises. The last one is meditation. You can also relax yourself, giving auto suggestions, or resort to visualization program.

As alternatives to Paxil for anxiety, three actions are essential for you. They are - 1) reducing intake of coffee, alcohol, sugar, increasing B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and avoiding allergic foods, 2) considering a natural alternative such as Kava and 3) healing the emotions and avoid mental imbalances that cause anxiety. Let us now look into the details of these actions. The levels of lactate and lactic acid increase due to over consumption of coffee, sugar and alcohol. Deficiency of B vitamins, viz. niacin, thiamin and pyridoxine can cause anxiety. Calcium or magnesium deficiency can also cause anxiety. The emotional factors such as anger, fear, love and pity can cause anxiety.

Besides the above, many alternative medicines are available for Paxil. Therefore, you can go for those alternatives and stop suffering from the ill effects caused by Paxil. However, if you are currently on Paxil, do not taper it or withdraw it abruptly without consulting your physician, as withdrawal of Paxil can cause severe symptoms.